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Un réseau mondial de rédacteurs publicitaires et de traducteurs au service du développement des plus grandes marques internationales. équipe ursulagruber Depuis 40 ans, les plus grandes marques font confiance à ursulagrüber pour être leur Porte-parole à travers le monde ursulagrüber une service 1er classe qui contribue à la bonne exécution de vos projets multilingues. Nos méthodes de travail assurent des traductions Haute Fidélité.

Creative Adaptation/Transcreation

Adaptation or “transcreation” (creative translating of advertising/marketing material) has always been our core business. Teams of two professional copywriters working in their native tongues make our clients’ messages ring true in 35 languages.


Multi-lingual Corporate Communications

Specialists in multi-lingual business writing, our teams ensure top quality copywriting in their native tongues and optimum confidentiality for our clients’ most important information and positioning.


Legal and Financial Translations

Our experts in legal and financial translations draw on years of experience in these very specific fields to ensure absolute precision and appropriate terminology for our client’s most delicate documents.


Quality Control & Peace of Mind

The exclusive UGProcess: rigorous monitoring at every stage to ensure the tone of voice and meaning remain consistent with the original intent while effectively speaking to each target audience in their language, with their cultural references.