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Un réseau mondial de rédacteurs publicitaires et de traducteurs au service du développement des plus grandes marques internationales. équipe ursulagruber Depuis 40 ans, les plus grandes marques font confiance à ursulagrüber pour être leur Porte-parole à travers le monde ursulagrüber une service 1er classe qui contribue à la bonne exécution de vos projets multilingues. Nos méthodes de travail assurent des traductions Haute Fidélité.

Our network of multilingual copywriters & translators

Thursday 5 September 2013, by Alain Melliès

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Over the past 40 years, in 35 languages, all of our clients choose ursulagrüber for the same reason…
… to communicate, in just the right words, all around the world.

We put our network of 250 professional advertising copywriters and 250 technical translators to work for you! Hand-picked for their keen grasp of a specific area of expertise (IT, tourism, auto industry, beauty, luxury, finance, law...) as well as a clear understanding of the various types of communications (advertising, marketing, lifestyle, corporate, B2B, B2C), our copywriters and translators live and work in their home countries to keep up with the changing cultural references and word choices used by the target audience. We recruit and monitor them in compliance with a strict set of guidelines to ensure optimum quality and coherence in all languages.
If you want to convey all the subtle nuances you’ve carefully worked into your material so it comes through as clearly and poignantly in another language… if you want to inform, promote, attract, convince, or sell something in a foreign market, our team of specialized translators and multilingual copywriters will find just the right words to position your brand and strengthen your potential for success!

Full steam ahead, in 35 languages!