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Un réseau mondial de rédacteurs publicitaires et de traducteurs au service du développement des plus grandes marques internationales. équipe ursulagruber Depuis 40 ans, les plus grandes marques font confiance à ursulagrüber pour être leur Porte-parole à travers le monde ursulagrüber une service 1er classe qui contribue à la bonne exécution de vos projets multilingues. Nos méthodes de travail assurent des traductions Haute Fidélité.

Additional Expertise & Support

Thursday 5 September 2013, by Alain Melliès

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In addition to our core business (adaptation/transcreation and translating corporate communications, as well as legal and financial documents), we can provide customized and/or related services and support.

Multilingual glossaries

To make sure your advertising and marketing campaigns remain consistent over time and across all media, we can create a customized multilingual glossary of terms (creative and technical) specific to your brand and product lines.


If you have material that has not been written by an expert copywriter in his/her native tongue, we can proofread, correct and even improve the final draft so it clearly conveys your message and positioning in a highly professional manner.

Advice on brand and product names

If you want to test or adapt a brand name or a product name so that it appeals to a specific target audience, our experts can provide feedback and insight regarding the local language and cultural nuances. This will help you convey the right image and avoid any negative connotations. We can provide several solutions ranked by level of pertinence and backed by explanations of our recommendations.

Original copywriting

If you would like help coming up with original material (for a script, tagline, claim…) in English French or German, our most creative wordsmiths will craft just the right prose to convey your concepts based on your detailed brief.

Cultural insights and feedback

If you need to validate an idea before launching it, our specialists can examine the linguistic and cultural aspects of your concept and, in partnership with the research firm Id View, provide a comprehensive report with feedback from consumers in your target market to make sure you are in line with their values and expectations.

Back translations

If you, your client or your managers would like to have a clear understanding of how your message has been adapted into another language, whether it’s a claim, tag line, mailing or advertisement, we can provide a “back translation” of our adaptation (from the target language into your language) so that all of your decision-makers can made their final choices without any doubts about the meaning being conveyed.

Turnkey DTP

If you’d like us to handle the layout of your material, our InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXpress experts can take care of everything, in every language and alphabet.


If you have radio or TV advertisements, multi-media video presentations or training modules that need subtitles to clearly reach your target audience, we have the talent you’re looking for.

Do you have a project that needs to be done just right?

Send us an e-mail (info@ursulagrü or give us a call (+33 142 333 200); we’ll get straight to work for you to find the best approach, budget and timeline.